Why Supporting Dallas-Fort Worth Nonprofits Is Important for Veterans’ Success in the Job Market

Learn how we help match skilled veterans with critical jobs and what that means for the Dallas-Fort Worth economy.

A graduate from the Per Scholas program, which opens doors to technology careers for unemployed and underemployed individuals.

Nearly 1 million middle-skills jobs – or those that require a high school degree and technical training but not a BA diploma – remain unfilled in the Dallas-Fort Worth economy, and the area is projected to create another 42,000 mid-skill jobs every year through 20181.

Despite the ample opportunity this presents, many local job seekers don’t have the necessary skills or training to fill these well-paying, available jobs.

This is especially true for many local veterans who leave the military with valuable training and real-world experience yet remain unemployed or underemployed. Retraining vets to apply their skills to the job demands in high-growth industries such as healthcare, information technology and advanced manufacturing is a critical component of their reintegration into the civilian workforce.

JPMorgan Chase supports two local nonprofits aiming to fill critical jobs in the region and focusing on supporting veterans through free job-training programs. Both Community Learning Center, Inc. (CLC) and Per Scholas, Inc. have missions dedicated to promoting employment and soft skills training among veterans. Their programs include skills training, job readiness preparation, career development services, job matching, and job placement in the fields in which the training occurred.

These programs yield many success stories, such as Babatunde Adetiba. Bab is a Dallas-born, first-generation American and veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. He found Per Scholas at a time when he felt barriers limiting his potential. Through social media, he discovered Per Scholas’ A+ Internet Technology (IT) certification programs, which are offered free of charge. Upon graduation from the eight-week certification program, Bab landed a position in the IT industry and credits the Per Scholas model with changing the course of his life.

Similar to the Per Scholas success story, CLC graduate Matthew Villegas was able to nearly double his hourly wage after starting a new career as a Composite Technician.

“All thanks go to the instructors and staff at CLC who have opened the doors to a vast career and future for me,” Villegas said. “This is a true change of life experience for me and hopefully in the near future I can move out of my parents’ home, secure my own living arrangements, get married and start a family.”

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“What a thrill to start a new career in the aerospace field that I have dreamed of for years. I would recommend it to anyone seeking a new future in their career and how it makes you proud to be part of something and making a difference in your life.”

Matthew Villegas, graduate from the Community Learning Center

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